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Éber F. Dias

Oh, hi there! My name is Éber. I have a degree in Graphic Design and have been working with web technologies from my early teens. I love the internet and I’m also a very curious guy which made me some kind of Graphic/Web Designer/Developer.

That means that I can work on every aspect of web development: design, frontend dev, backend dev and devops. I have also built a couple of web apps and companies which gave some perspective on the business side of things.

Here at Zyglab I try to make everything that I love. My passion is to create new things and tackle big challenges. If need someone to help you solve big problems or develop custom solutions for you, get in touch.

Client work Recent and selected client works

Projects Things that we build for ourselves

Services Here is what we can do for you

UX/UI design / Web design

UX (user experience) is the way we organize information and make it easy for anyone to use a web site or product. UI (user interface) is the actual look and feel the product will have after we defined the experience.

Frontend development

Now that you have a beautiful and functional design, we can build it and make it work on the browser. By using HTML, CSS and JavaScript we can bring your designs to life.

Backend development

Backend development is building the dynamic parts of your website or product. Saving data to a database, communicating with other services and so on. We use tech like PHP, Node.js, many database engines and so on. We can also help you setup a server (or many servers) and deploy your projects on the web.

Wordpress / CMSs

Themes and plugins development, custom features and more. If you need to build a simple blog or a full featured website, we can do it with Wordpress or other CMSs available.

E-commerce solutions

We have lots of experience with e-commerce. It doesn’t matter if you are using Shopify, BigCartel, WooCommerce or a custom solution. We can help you develop your business on-line.


Logo design, business cards, visual systems and much more. We can develop your visual identity and help you set yourself apart from the competition.

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